Results and Security for the Investments of our Clients

IBEX SUMMIT supports midsize companies, corporations, and financial investors in transactions.

Comprehensive Support in All Stages

IBEX SUMMIT offers its clients comprehensive support in all transaction stages and takes responsibility in preparing and securing the entrepreneurial success.

Result Orientation

IBEX SUMMIT is fully aligned with the interests of its clients. We place great importance on unequivocal recommendations and specifically formatted information as a basis for decision-making. We try to master difficult situations for our clients by developing creative solutions. Our essential mission is to add significant value to each and every project. We stand behind the level of success our work has for our clients and are prepared to share the entrepreneurial risk and opportunity of the transaction through our fee structure.

Close Cooperation with Our Clients and Process Management

IBEX SUMMIT works very closely with its clients and continuously coordinates relevant issues and process questions. Without yield loss, our results input directly into the work of our clients. As far as requested by our clients, we drive the process as a whole including the coordination of other consultants such as auditors, tax advisers, and lawyers.

Confidentiality and Exclusivity

To avoid disruptions in the market, IBEX SUMMIT guarantees absolute confidentiality throughout the entire project. Once a transaction is completed, the results remain confidential. Each transaction is implemented exclusively for a single client. The exclusion of conflicts of interest is guaranteed.